Monday, June 22, 2020

Monday WRites 251

[Me in my backyard before going to church, yesterday]

I went to church yesterday wearing my mask, ooh very strange.
Good Morning friends of Monday WRites. What's your Monday like so far? Last weekend all churches were reopened again here in T&T, with the easing of lockdown in phases. Now beaches and gyms have reopened. Schools are still closed
You've heard about the Monday Blues well this is Monday WRites (musing on the definition here of rite, as any customary observance or
eg the rite of afternoon tea). Welcome to Monday WRites #251: A Happy Monday to all ❧✿❧ and EXTENDED FATHER'S DAY GREETINGS to all fathers visiting today


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Mosaic Monday
#85: The Rest of the Story


Traditional writing – on a shining topic!

Maybe i was born to tell stories, a little griot in my own right. Whom am i kidding, maybe not. Reading bedtime stories has been part of the narrative in my parenting journey and my son the younger of my two children also wanted to hear another one. Ah but that is a long time ago. I am now grandmother to the sweetest seven year old girl.

Boys and girls they enter the library with fresh faces and eager eyes, brought by their teacher who cautions them to behave. All seated, I take red shinny baubles and some tinsel out of a plastic bag. And with poetic license lie to them, telling them they will not be transported to storyland unless and until each one of them tell me the first thing that comes to mind.

This is indeed a shining moment. Everyone is relaxed and the fun begins. Its story time. Each chapter of the book 'Anansi An Unusual Experience 'starts with a haiku poem. It is one of the books i have written for children. A chapter book targeting ages 5 to 11. We agree to do the reading one person hidden from view of the children reading the introductory haiku and myself in front view of the children reading the story text. A haibun style reading.

tinsel and baubles -
the sound of paper tearing
between giggles
© gillena cox 2020

NOTE: The end haiku above in today's haibun is the Chapter One introductory haiku of 'Anansi An Unusual Experience'

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