Tuesday, April 21, 2015


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When the clouds dim, listening to the sound of the sea
And the music they hear from the bones of pirate’s plunder
Lure them to sweet sad teardrops, rolling down the mountain
A slide of mourning left to wanton despair soaks the apex
Which only sky sees
These sweet sad teardrops, loll down the sides returning
To the source of grief where sunken treasure sparkle
In mermaid’s eyes, yet Neptune will have none of earthly trash
The wealth of the ocean realm suffices abundantly his domain
He need ask for nothing more
Yet the blood of warriors seep way way beneath to chariots sunken
And missiles caught, in the trap of lascivious greed and mortification
Wend their wary way, to rest at pillows of seabed fathoms deep
Though the wealth of the realm enriched in its own prosperity
Ask for nothing more
Nothing more, than the care and the peace, of a planet blue, where
One moon outshines the darkness that night wears as its cloak
Wrapped tightly to fit the behoves of sultry tempests beneath, below
The angry sea gulps it all: hate, anger, greed, spewed forth
From the beautiful beautiful planet blue
© gillena cox

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