Saturday, December 5, 2015


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Sorrel drink and ginger beer
Pass the glasses round my dear
Christmas time is surely here
Azure sky again to cheer
Christmas time is here
Now Parang breezes veer
Whiffs of salty ham to steer
Sing merrily, have no fear
Ruby red and golden clear
Fill our empty glasses dear
Sorrel drink and ginger beer
© gillena cox 2015

Written for Hedgewitch's prompt
Flash 55 Plus
Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

Our Challenge comes from a traditional English carol called The Holly and The Ivy.
We are to, use the emphasis of the carol on the two plants, and on pairings, explore, contrast or complement the idea of two: two colors, two symbols, two plants, two animals, two events, two people... two of anything; various pairings of elements as the carol does.
Write exactly 55 words--no more, no less--of prose, poetry or microfiction on the topic of your choice, and link it to this challenge.