Wednesday, March 4, 2015


lights on:
footsteps up and down , up and down
the concrete steps;
pulse of 'we beat festival'
cool nights in The Amphitheater 's bowel,
gestating rthymn after rthymn;
the flair of a community once stated -
"they never sleep";
but times have changed,
they sleep now,
awakened; every now and again by the 'we beat' vibes:
the jazz...
the corn soup...
the steelbands...
the corn soup...
the craft items on sale: earrings, rings, t-shirts...
the corn soup...
St James awakes to
'we beat festival'
in the bowel of
The Amphitheater.
© gillena cox 2015

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Written in response to the prompt at Poetry Jam 'Local'