Wednesday, July 11, 2018


'Times the Cathedral bells still ring to summon attention
Some prayer still remain trapped in its hall, on its pews,
In its arches above, hopefully rising ever so sloooowly

A spire finger pointing clouds on puffy azure days
Remaining cold silent and reticent in many overcasts
To gaze vagrancy asleep on Woodford Square benches

Downtown Port of Spain when the season of Poui trees
Silent in splendour rival the bells of the Cathedral
When the sunshine stings our conscience to remember

We do remember days of the soapbox verbous campaigner
Who later packed the childrens' futures into their schoolbags
Cramming their little heads with big dreams of statesmanship
DOWN TOWN © gillena cox 2018

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Poets United Midweek Motif ~ City
[Prompted by Sumana Roy]

Woodford Square a haibun
to the Woodford Square trees
this poem is a city

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