Tuesday, October 11, 2016


[The Frog Prince ~ Maria Hohneck courtesy imainary garden with real toads]

She is an ugly old witch
Whose heart is dark like sound of void
Whose lips are cold without lullaby
Whose nose smells dank rot of nearby bog

When the time comes for her beautiful daughter
To go into the world of paper files and pencil
To grab her handbag and stalk her high heels
To ride the bus pass sugarcane arrow fields

The wicked witch will have none of that
No princess leaves this castle this day
So she sleeps with her husband and begets a child
A boy small and tender and wailing as babies do

Here she says to the princess, this is your job
Take care of this baby, bottle feed his crying lips
Then off she goes the wicked witch
To look at herself in a shiny pot spoon

pink pomerac blooms -
the neighbour's dog delights in
chasing his own tail
THE CASTLE GATE BOLTED © gillena cox 2016

Picture Glossary
Pomerac a fruit grown here in Trinidad and Tobago also known as Malay Apple

sugar cane is grown in the production of cane sugar, the flowers are called sugar cane arrows

[images from yahoo dot com]

Written for
Imaginary Garden With Real Toads
The Tuesday Platform


[my video choice for today - Fairy Tales']