Wednesday, October 30, 2019


image courtesy Poet's United

That day was a soft blue azure,
And night a trifling more somber.

She sighed as she pulled the covers,
Up way up to cover her features.

This new solitude, undesigned intrusion,
She must come to terms with this siuation.

Now into the room serene, and dimly lit,
A lone firefly chose to wander and to flit.

Spreading his flame to absorb the room,
He thought of absolving her from gloom.

She awakened from sleep, all knowing,
She sensed his presence, fully glowing.

She pulled off the covers to stare in awe,
She was never one for old-school folklore.

"I am your guardian angel" he offered,
"Never be lonely, and never be tired."

"But always have faith
For this span on earth."

"Till we meet again
Adieu my sweet and gentle friend"

From bright to slight her space had faded,
But a seed of wonder was securely planted.

Was it in October? was it September
Hummm, I really do not remember.


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Wednesday, October 23, 2019


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I love apples
Apples first came into my life at Christmas
Christmas was a time for toys
Toys and apples and clearing away cobwebs

Cobwebs in the old days make one sneeze
Sneeze, achoo, God bless you
You want to know where is this poem going,
Going way back to a garden

Garden in paradise
Paradise, a place of every, except that one
One apple tree stood in the middle
Middle, then place of temptation

Temptation spoke with a voice,
Voice of promise,
Promise of greatness,
Greatness as of being God

God walked in the coolness of evening
Evening is a lovely time of day
Day moon were you out yet?
Yet, he questioned the man and woman

Woman was blamed, she made me do it
It, translates to disobedience not eating
Eating apples are nourishing
Nourishing the human fallen spirit

Spirit, God, creator, love itself;
Itself gave of himself, in forgiveness
Forgiveness, born on Christmas Day
Day of new beginnings, salvation's story.

SKETCHING SALVATION © gillena cox 2019

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