Tuesday, September 7, 2021


image 'Banana Fronds' first posted HERE

Mayhaps we be reading the shadows wrong
She whispered to  Erke edging up even closer
His sword sheathed he dare not  prolong
This agony of  not knowing what monster breathed
Ahead, mayhaps we be reading the shadows wrong,
He agreed with Gurtha, quickening his stride.
Just then, in the distance, the booming of a gong.
They stood frozen, holding  breaths an eternity.
Quickly a shudder wove through the  forest,  a throng
Of sensation; forever cannot be drawn in a circle.
Shh mayhaps we be reading the shadows wrong.
SHUDDER - A FOLD© gillena cox 2021

I chose from the list given, the sentence  to compose my poem:
 “Perhaps we are reading the shadows wrong; forever cannot draw a circle.” – Winter Moon ~ Part Three: Petals of the Sun