Wednesday, May 20, 2020


[Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 'The Day Dream' from google dot com]

Those kiskadees are sounding their call,
Morning's here but the moon will not fall;
Instead she will got to her place of sleep,
Without so much as as the tiniest peep;
Return though she must later to shine,
At her ever dear cozy nightfall shine.
A CALL TO MORNING © gillena cox 2020

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Weekly Scribblings #20: Undoubtedly Rossetti
Prompted by Sanaa: Your Challenge today is to write while inspired by the works of Rossetti.

My inspiration came from
Rushes in a Watery Place by Christina Rossetti

Rushes in a watery place,
And reeds in a hollow;
A soaring skylark in the sky,
A darting swallow;
And where pale blossom used to hang
Ripe fruit to follow.


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