Saturday, May 12, 2018


[IMAGE FROM Bing dot com. Fair Use]

Daylight was slowly slipping away,
Shadowed boxes were filled emptiness,
With a wisp a will and way.
Weary trees phantomed night.
Silhouettes were forever whispered sound.
Light of lamp and moon thus bright.


Bright thus moon and lamp of light,
Sound whispered forever were silhouettes.
Night phantomed trees weary.
Way and will a wisp a with.
Emptiness filled were boxes shadowed,
Away slipping slowly was daylight.
MOONSHINE © gillena cox 2018

Blog hopping today with imaginary garden

Fussy Little Forms: Palindrome
Prompted by Marian: Challenged to write Palindrome Poems. [a palindrome is a word or phrase that is the same when read forward or backward. Like WOW...a palindrome poem can read forward and backward word by word or line by line]

Most Likely The Moon
Unfettered Moon
Bright Moon

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