Tuesday, April 5, 2022


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The Wild Grasses
The wild grasses lean with the wind
Their pas de deux a rhythm of the mind
That synchronizes the ocean  breezes
Through seasons and transgresses
The limitations of mere mortals
The souls of passages and portals
Those pilgrims who must journey but

The wild grasses surrender and cut
Through the paces of the melody
That alludes to an inherent parody
The conscious human thinker craves
To imitate in desiring so he behaves
Though others of his kind call him crazy
The complete or adorable looney

Those wild grasses are caution free
The wild grasses grow then they rest
Their dance with the wind is the test
To grow again without question
The best or worst of a next generation
They ponder not of today or tomorrow
The coming of joy or of sorrow
page 13 Pink Crush © gillena cox 2011
published by authorhouse 

Now that my muse has kicked in; this post edited,  poem 2 added, Wednesday April 6th.

Eat greedily of children's tears
Eat wearily of soldier's boots
Eat heartily of sunflower's strewn
Eat of the mud of covetness

Eat and be nutured by today's pain
Eat, pray for forgiveness of corpses strewn

Eat now of divinity of love
Eat for the nourishment of earth's healing

Eat your fill of bird song
Eat the fruit of joy in a new day
Eat your fill of cotton candy cloud
Eat of hope in tomorrow
© gillena cox 2022