Saturday, August 13, 2016


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That day, that inauspicious day
When the Grinch snatched my crown
I cried like Christmas never was

Did I tell you that green, is, really
Her colour, suits her to a tee

I spread out, after a good shake, my wings;
Sat crossed-legged, and inhaled, then
Summoned my drones: To work! To work!
There's a war to be won
ONE QUEEN BEE IS ENOUGH © gillena cox 2016

Written for
Imaginary Garden With Real Toads
in response to Magaly's prompt 'Which Bee'



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Before our skins touched the breath of our pores
Before our mouths echoed a creation of commands

There you were in cloud of dreamscape
There you were your face in my minds eye

Asleep i slumbered snugly in your ethereal arms
Asleep i smelled your fragrant sweet eternal being

You became the cliche, the end to my sentences
You became the dew for fresh new mornings

We etched the sunset into our empty recognition
We etched the horizon out for changed landscape

How then can i let you go, for what more
How then can i say goodbye, when my love stays
SOUL MATES © gillena cox 2016

Written for
Prompt Nights – Intuition’s as though we’re seeing with our soul [25]

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We joined the queue
It was quite a long queue

I was adamant. Yes I replied
Let's join the queue

We were going to meet the gypsy
So we joined the queue

Brixton market, there we were
Balmy weather, us in the queue

We moved up a bit, a slow crawl
Seemed never ending, this queue

There she was reading a palm
After a long wait in the queue

We could see her now
From our place in the queue

Aw let's go, I change my mind. So
after all this time we left the queue
CHICKENED OUT © gillena cox 2016

Written for Lets take a look at the cards, shall we? – [24]