Tuesday, December 5, 2023


 [image 2CELLOS - Wherever I Go  from google]

Starless Night Ponder

Night performs her haunting echoes

She is neither shy nor unwilling

Yet she is holding back her shine

There are no stars out tonight

Not even a Bethlehem guiding light

Who can fathom the depths of desire

When not even a blink from heaven 

Strays into the thought of face

 Looking upward hoping to hear of 

Stars watching lowly humans below

Why is life moaning under a weight

Of contours, of borders, of delineations?

Who will spill a jar of watercolour

Wet on wet without care of spaces

Only shapes misting on smudgy

Areas to suffice

© gillena cox 2023

                          BLOG HOPPING TODAY WITH

Challenge today: is to choose a piece of instrumental music (no songs,
 but I am happy for you to choose a piece of jazz or instrumental rock if you don’t
 like classical music) that speaks to you, and write a poem either about the piece,
 including information about its composer and content, 
or whatever it conjures in your head. 
If possible, add a link to the piece of music. 
Here is a selection of poems about music: