Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday WRites 42

Stop, count to four, for the corners of roundness
Pulling strands of a past, ebbed away in sparks
Shapes our globe to a calendar, rife with newness
Adventure, the toy of daring, store bought, sits
Steady now, sit still, for the corners of roundness
Fuzzy in parts, mists a den of caged breaths
Here hope and joy play dice to the tune of likeness
Like when no one knows where wheat field grow
Sing hearts sing, to guitar strings, plucked happiness
All things created of dirt, and water, to ripple light
A word spoken in echoes, for the corners of roundness
HAPPY NEW YEAR © gillena cox 2016

You've heard about the Monday Blues ❧✿❧ well this is Monday WRites ( musing on the definition here of rite, as any customary observance or practice eg the rite of afternoon tea).
Welcome to Monday WRites #42, ❧✿❧HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016❧✿❧❧✿❧ whats your mood today ❧✿❧ I invite you to link in with one of your WRites

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