Wednesday, April 29, 2015


image from google dot com - Bird of Paradise flower

The bus is cool the day is hot
The AC is turned up just right
Voice of the guide drones on
When we turn our head to the left
Next we turn our heads to the right

There are no rails now no trains to ride
Buses now do us the cross country- drive
Voice of the guide drones on
There is history to this side
Industry stands side by side

The sea we can see
For an island are we
Voice of the guide drones on
Waves return in foamy white kept
Bird of Paradise flowers wind swept
© gillena cox

╭✿ ╯'BUS TOUR' is my new poem a response to today's prompt

you can also revisit where this haiga SWOONED is first published at Lunch Break 2013

Blog hopping today at
Frog-Cups in New York City

CHALLENGE:from Magaly Guerrero, she noticed a tiny plot of frog-cups or Fritillaria meleagris in bloom. so, it’s perfectly clear; we have to write a new poem that will include a flower named after an animal or a bird named after a flower.
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