Saturday, April 29, 2017


[image from Pinterest]

Classic boogey man
He's a - shaking
While you a - quaking

He's scary, he's formless
He waits for the night
To give you a big fright

He's the boogey man

There are shadows on the wall
He hides there after dark
He never goes to the park

Ever at home over your bed
That's where he likes to be
But him, you'll never see

Cause he's the boogey man

If your roof creaks
He'll sing along
He knows every song

When the shutters drop
At the loud clock tick tock
He's there to give a shock

Classic classic boogey man.
He's a formless belly full of sound
Ready to grind you to the ground
BOOGEY © gillena cox 2017

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