Tuesday, January 11, 2022


[Yanda cutting her cake at her birthday dinner November 2021]
prosecco gets the nod,
for a child carried in the womb, in the heart in the mind.
and she greying, now a half century old, 
who can sit at table with her, and not give the nod
to  prosecco?

the night is cool, the salmon baked,
the stories: some of praise, some of struggle, some of mischief
all of wondrous miracle.

there's a sunflower on the cake
a real sunflower
no-one will eat that, the sunflower i mean;

along with the yellow roses, big and bold,
thanksgiving and heartfelt gratitude is
lifted to divine source.

i am a mother, happily so.
© gillena cox 2022


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