Wednesday, July 21, 2021


If there be dragons, there be dragon hunters

Morning sky tilts my chin up

Wonders of charcoal coloured  clouds dissipating

Clearing a path for a pale blue canopy

To linger there for a span called daytime

Not without its official bulletin of day's agenda

Are the morning whistlers

They sound frenzied this morning

They know the actions of  each day

They deliver it as they are told

Some humans heed their sayings

Others like myself listen 

sometimes in wonder

Sometimes in amazement

Every-time with delight

I always get the part where they say

Hey! its a new day

That's when ever bone in my body

Humbles before great sky

My all-time ever present muse

The shape of dragons fizzles out

I muse

If there be dragons there  be dragon hunters

© gillena cox 2021