Wednesday, September 27, 2017


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How will history remember me?
Will history remember me at all?

As fliting blue tanager, blue jean?
Skittish dove pink footed on a wall?

Anguish of being flown from the nest?
Held in the arms of a loving guiding God?

Where a book-full of faith
Offered teaspoons of solace?

When one rosebud, tight, unopened,
Held the blooming of family - of love?

Now knowing love, must disappointment
Smile her taunts of desertion?

And smiles repay taunts for sake of faith
And again, again, those teaspoons of solace?

But looking forward to history's appeal,
I rise, to offer, a no-regrets-plea.

Just the savour of teaspoons of solace,
From a book-full of faith.
THUS I RISE © gillena cox 2017


The blue grey Tanager in T&T is also called Blue Jean

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