Saturday, June 4, 2016


Quiet light
Weight of feathers fluffed
You twirled me on the dance floor
Over and over.
Restating my swinging hips, carefully
Chimed to your clever
Puppet strings.
Then drew teardrops
On my sweet face
This heart of passion and earnest
beat; sadly, crumbled, fallen,
You let go of the strings!
Once you rocked my world.
THE PUPPETEER AND HIS DOLL © gillena cox 2016

Written for Flash 55
Challenge: to write a poem in 55 words. For the OPTIONAL EXTRA part of this challenge... choose a line or two of one of the saddest songs ever written as inspiration for your piece. The quotation itself will not fall within the parameters of the 55 words. Feel free to select words from a song featured in the clip, or from a personal favourite of your own which did not make the list.

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads


[image from google dot com]

Drink heartily, from azure: given smoothie
Breathing slowly, sigh; inhaling gratefully
Extend arms, yet to span, a tinted bounty
By strokes only of a master's, divine brush

Pause, to catch clouds, secretive; playing
Tag above so high, their angels in hiding
One might even see, heaven’s gate opening
Awestruck; linger long enough, in that hush.
STOP TO SMELL THE ROSES © gillena cox 2016

Written for Sanaa's prompt at Prompt Nights
Take time out and stop to smell the Roses – [17]