Friday, April 6, 2018


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in the folds of fan like lives
holds a secret trust to sisterhood
where the plum blossoms in broad daylight
look to a bird on a bough high
For entwined like our lives is the Spring or Fall
There is a purpose to being
A hope lies in the message of happiness
Not to runaway but to stay to stay unbound
Keeping bound feet as pain to secure
In future generations
A freedom for women
A freedom to think of each individual soul
Who should taste freedom to choose
What binds our feet and holds our heart
The ribbons of hope are strong enough
Take courage as you read this fan
Your mission to one day state and pledge
Our freedom to be whole beings
Free to love free to choose
Bindings of our choice
LAOTANG - BINDINGS © gillena cox 2018

6 April 2016
6 April 2015

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April Six: Speaking in the Voice of Another
Prompted by Sherry Blue Sky; challenged: to write a poem in the voice of another: in this case, the voice of a woman living in feudal times, addressing her laotang,