Sunday, June 2, 2019


[Today is a prose Sunday, no poetry. 'Chagrin' is written for Poets United where Magaly is prompting asking for prose.]

I hugged a tree once, its bark was so soft and velvety. It was a Paperbark Tree, at the Wild Fowl Trust in Point Fortin. There were trees, fruit trees in the yard, in Chaguanas, when i was a child. I loved those trees. I never climbed any of them, because girls were forbidden to climb trees, back then.

When i came to live in the city, trees took on a new spectacular appearance. There were entire trees covered in colour. "Easter time is absolutely the best time of the year" - I strongly believe, that is what the Poui trees think, as they break out in blossoming bunches. On some trees flowers are yellow, almost golden. On some trees flowers are pink.

To look at them then, there is no desire of contemplating The Tree or The Wood of Crucifixion. But rather, desire is to contemplation on the theme of new life, through mercy, forgiveness and redemption. Love from our Poui trees now colour days yellow and pink.

The genus Tabebuia covers these splendid trees. They remain green for the most part of the year. They are quiet somber trees, tall and comely, standing in peripheral spots around The Queen Park Savannah in Port of Spain. When wearing their green leaves, they blend in with other trees, to the extent, that one might even speculate to the Poui's chagrin a tree is a tree.

Well anyway those tree watchers who take trees for granted will. Those who neglect the shape of a tree trunk, the branching of twigs. They will class them just trees. Punishing them for wearing only green leaves.

The Poui is one of the largest and strongest of tropical forest trees, growing up to 150 feet tall while the base can be 4 to 7 feet in diameter. All the leaves are shed early in the dry season, usually in January and February and new leaves do not appear for three to four months. The wood provides a wide range of uses as it is a source of timber for people of the Caribbean. It is resistant to salt water, termites, and other insects making it a viable option in boat making, decking and other wood related projects. Poui tree wood is actually used on Coney Island for the boardwalks as it is very durable.

I never hugged a Poui tree. Have you ever hugged a tree? Hugging a tree increases levels of hormone oxytocin This hormone is responsible for feeling calm and emotional bonding. why not try tree hugging.


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