Friday, March 17, 2017


[image from google dot com]

she's on that darn bicycle again
this time she wears a purple hat

a purple lace fascinator droops
over her determined charcoal face

a charcoal face with lion-green eyes
her gold bracelet glistens the sunlight

the gold bracelet her daddy gave her
gifted to her on her fifteenth birthday

an inscribed gift, branding, ownership tag
like they did at the slave auction long ago

today she was determined
she would raise that fascinator

look upon his closed lion-green eyes one last time
and whisper, "daddy, i too, am your daughter".
MATTIE © gillena cox 2017

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Process Note

After reading a few days ago Candy Don't Come In Gray by Roslyn Carrington, and attending a meet-the-author session with my book club; i was inspired to write this poem about my favourite character in the book 'MATTIE'. This poem is not saying that this is all there is to Roslyn's Mattie, but rather my impression, meeting and observing Mattie in a very brief encounter in one of the chapters of the book. I'm sharing in response to Fireblossom's prompt