Saturday, January 21, 2017


[image courtesy A dash of Sunny - Prompt Nights]

Superficially bright the night,
One star shines brighter, far above;
The sky a blanket covering heaven,
From a topsy turvy view here below

What wonders are above thee sky?
Who whimpers for a lullaby,
Are there owl hoots stored in jars?
Or ghosts slithering to graveyards most?

When stealest thou the colour of grackle,
To paint velvet curtains shroud of day,
What dramas enact thee far above?
That insomniacs lamp of streets do covet,

With expletives pierce ardour of quiet;
Buds push to sweet night jasmins show
Compete in favour for light of one star
To far perhaps to spank wretched earth.
QUERULOUS SHADOWS © gillena cox 2017

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