Saturday, June 18, 2016


['Guernica' by Pablo Picasso from google dot com]

Yo! you sisters, Night and Death,
You wrench a flood of tears,
From the tsumani of sorrow's bosom,
Wretched and weary, you leave to mourn
Forgetting, brother Resurrection:
The Hope of those hearts, ripped to shreds,
Nailed to spikes, of regret and dread;
Light of the World, gentler than a mother’s womb
YO YOU SISTERS © gillena cox 2016

Written for Kerry O'Connor prompt
the sisters Death and Night ~ Micro Poetry
Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

Challenge: to write a poem in no more than 10 lines (but you may write in fewer than 10 lines all the way down to a single American sentence). You may choose your own form or stick to free verse, if preferred.
The subject matter for your poem is wide open, but bear in mind 'the sisters Death and Night' angle from the poem 'Reconciliation' by Walt Whitman


[image courtesy The imaginary garden]

At 3pm I'll open the gate,
So i'll have to have my soup late;
We'll study the leaves, left on the shrubs
To see if there be, any more pesky bugs;
Could we do this then, here and now?
Open The Good Book, as our heads we bow.

U for unicorns, are they extinct?
The Word, our Jesus, he's our link.
SO AT THREE PM © gillena cox 2016

Written for Isadora's The Black Mirror
Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

Challenge: Cell phones can some times steal too much of our attention, their darkened monitors beckoning us to their black mirror surface. Today, we take some of that time and creative energy back. I am calling all toads to pick up their cell phones for some inspirado.
Take the last text message you received and use it in a poem. Good luck on handling emojis!!!

Mine was
how u going? Could we do the study tomorrow at 3pm?