Saturday, October 1, 2016


[Flaming Poinciana, Flame tree,
Gulmohar, from google dot com]

I'll see you one red maple leaf
And raise you two thunder claps
Those angry wind songs are playing
Over The Atlantic

I'll see you one cold snap morning
And raise you two petals from
Flaming poinciana at Memorial Park
Where an angel respects our war memory

I'll see you one really long night
And raise you two parang tunes
Played on FM Sweet 100 days of Christmas
For anxious hearts already sway
To manger stories

I'll see you one crayon to colour autumn
And raise you two marac playing paranderos
To colour all paths to a season of joy
PLAYING COLOURS AT POKER © gillena cox 2016

Where is everyone?
Leaves rest
On the park bench
To pattern...

Here in Trinidad and Tobago, our seasons are 2; The Wet Season, and The dry Season, our clime does not display seasons of winter, summer, spring or fall

[Memorial Park - Port of Spain, Trinidad]

[Trinidad lady paranderos playing marac and singing parang songs]

[Trinidad FM Sweet 100 radio station logo]

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Crunching, Crinkling Autumn swirling in the Breeze – [30]


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