Monday, August 3, 2020

Monday WRites 257

[In today's mosaic: 3 words for 3 days of August and some Ixoras]

There were candles in a cellophane pack on the table, tiny candles in different colours. The plastic forks were still in their clear plastic package, as well. Busy hands were adding paper plates and cups, well really glasses around the square table. Another get together. Another day of book club meeting. The cake was frosted blue. A blue cake ! That was the repeated remark as persons filed in. Some with silent smiles, some with good mornings. The table looked sumptuous. Pies and sandwiches bottles of wine bottles of water and such like. I remember someone remarked whether this was a brunch club or a reading club. Laughter was the best answer on that day

slices of cakes
on paper plates passed around -
now the birthday song
© gillena cox 2020


You've heard about the Monday Blues well this is Monday WRites (musing on the definition here of rite, as any customary observance or
eg the rite of afternoon tea). Welcome to Monday WRites #257: A Happy Monday to all ❧✿❧ aA Happy August to all

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