Tuesday, March 31, 2015


the wide street, is broad enough,
so cars, going up and down,
at the same time, move freely;
that is, if the drivers are courteous enough;
the pedestrian walk, is crackled;
and ever so often, watered down;
dont walk too hurriedly, well any way,
walk with careful caution, observing,
the high parts, and the low parts,
just like life’s undulating;
even though the air currents waft freely;
on a rainy day, when its all wet, even the crackled
grooves, are freed, from the pecking beaks of pigeons;
its awful though, when the men stop on the way,
for a casual pee, against some wall;
not every child, has a daddy with a car;
not every child’s hand, is held by mummy,
all the way to the school gate;
the garbage collectors, remove the trash early,
some days, some days not ;
ah yes! thoughts are sometimes, just observing,
assessing per diem, thespian’s roles and parts;
day moon can tell these stories better, way
way better.
© gillena cox

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