Thursday, April 5, 2018


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"Passing cloud" old wizened ones sighed.
Sun rays held hands,
Dancing through morning bird songs,

Some angels, held sway, in cloud puffs.
Jealous of the delight, of shards of light,
Kissing ocean ripples and window panes,
These sky babes,
Like spoilt children stamping feet
In playground squabbles,
Rained down upon noon time.

And, since it was The Dry Season,
Many an umbrella was left at home,
Resting weary Rainy Season ribs.
Many many pedestrians were soaked to the bones.
"Passing cloud" old wizened ones sighed.
SOAKED TO THE BONE © gillena cox 2018

5 April 2015

Blog hopping today with imaginary garden. In April we write a poem every day

Take the Weather With You
Prompted by Paul John Dear; challenged: Pen me a weather related poem.