Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday WRites 117

[Robots - image from the internet]

It is the time penultimate zone of new normal; people are just that people, Ego looks overs his people with courage, [fear has been banished, forever-?] if you read something in the news you do not like, you can *suck your teeth [in T&T*cheups] and say false news - false news , politics is about who visits whom, and who [ didn't], tweets are of birds and men.

Time does not exist; ceteris paribus, there is no chaos, if you leave The Village of A on Tuesday you can arrive at The Village of B on Monday [of the same week], there are no nights, [just sun and moon intervals], everything is clear cut, we are everything, and nothing then.

The couple next door is [having] a baby; they sit at the table, talking shop: colour of eyes, shape of nose, feel of hair, these are good people, they do not squabble, swaddled in sweet grey (very cute), said baby arrives, [via a reputable internet carrier] next day YOU WHOO!!!

Of the ‘old world’ though, wishes and history remain; her name is Gift, she looks at the baby then she asks the grownup standng next to her , “Auld-er , if you lived in the ‘old world’ [eons ago] what would you have liked to be, boy or girl? “girl answers Auld-er, I so love stilettos and would not have minded being a president’s wife,” “me too Auld-er” Gift chimes in, “and I so-o luv nail polish too.”


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Roller Skate Stilettos: I came across this after i posted, so i edited to include it. This made me smile.