Saturday, June 17, 2023


[John Donne image courtedy deVerse poetry pub]


Oh what a day this moment sings

And yet the dawn hangs lower still

No happy songs no golden rings

These treacheries only can fulfil

Though dreams are smitten in ether 

Until they aware to  gleaming light

And hope reaching out to the future

Such is the posture of worrisome sight

Behold a rainbow throbbing across

A span of rainy season colours

Refusing to fade it brightens a sauce

Long enough though not for hours

Whose songs are sung to Aurora borealis

What humble tones escape throats in awe

What makes a day turn into this

The whim of destiny that's for sure

Flow as it go  tomorrows come

Wither their tunes prepared to hum

© gillena cox 2023


MTB with John Donne and his heroic sonnet
challenge to write a heroic sonnet... 4 alternatively rhymed quatrains (a/b/a/b c/d/c/d e/f/e/f g/h/g/h i/i) and a rhymed couplet. It has no designated arrival of the volta (but it may actually have more than one) but the concluding couplet should summarize the message.