Wednesday, October 4, 2017


[image from alphacoders dot com]

Were i that horse, shiny black as mirror of night,
Wild and free, oh wind my consort would be,
Forever above our offsprings, would twinkle bright,
Two soul mates created of whispers thus are we.

Breathe thee echoes of thy sighs oh wind,
For my hooves, of silver moonbeams shod,
Can surely pound to dust of midnight thinned,
Fury for glee, whichever of rocky paths i trod

And ocean songs, when tempests humbled, shall i sip.
There too, nibble Neptune’s jewels in the sand,
Where time settles, one breath at a time, at the lip,
Of creation, once spoken everything good spanned
SOUND OF A HORSE © gillena cox 2017

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Midweek Motif ~ Animals
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4 October 2016

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