Thursday, October 5, 2023


Five Lines In A Copybook

On the first line i will write my name.

Teacher ask for date;

Day, month and year,

Followed by subject;

Maybe my address should be next.

Second line question:

What year is it?

To tell all will be to expose

My age,  though i have no qualms there.

My house is in the country.

Third line will be poetry,

Written with a capital P,

About yellow hills,

Painting a canvas of small words;

No 52 on the road where i live.

The secrets of line four of this Chaguanas girl,

Will soon be exposed to 

All in the class room,

Reading aloud to some snickers,

All in a day's English class.

The fifth and final line

Summons applause like

A limerick written to shake

The earth under a rose bush miles away

Here in San Juan; we students had planted

© gillena cox 2023

Our 2023 Season of 100 Days of Christmas
 hosted by our Radio Station Sweet 100.1 FM is in ongoing.


CHALLENGE to write a poem in five stanzas of five lines per stanza (quintain)write as a Pentastich Quintain (unregulated rhyme, meter etc)each stanza is one of five ways to your house (real or imaginary)can be literal or metaphorical, measured in time, direction, etc or a mixthe title is your own choice but must begin: “Five…………”include a reference to Hererra’s poem somewhere in your post,  include references to Herrerra’s poem by including the follow words in order in each of my stanzas: 1 yellow hills; 2 canvas door; 3 the earth; 4 desert secrets 5 a name.