Friday, September 4, 2015


Arthur Wesley Dow, "Moon in the Trees" (1910)
from Studio Matters art blog

Within the three o'clock hour,
Framed in the dark before dawn,
The heavy rumble of garbage trucks,
Strays across the canvas of waning night;
Sometimes the voices of men, loading
Bags into the trucks, spill out into the silence;
House dogs remain hushed they know the routine,
Such noises pose no threat to their families,
But then the interlude of quiet,
Dapples once more the sleepy street,
Lulled in pre dawn slumber,
Awaiting the first distant strains of bird songs;
A large lamp like moon may hover,
Depending on the phase of counted days.
© gillena cox

Written for
(NON-) Fireblossom Friday: Finding the Right Tone
Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

The challenge: to create a poem, prose poem or piece of microfiction (less than 150 words) with 'no under drawing,' by taking an idea, a place, a person, an event or a mood, and quickly fleshing out a portrait of it in a blur of words. Use language to mass light and dark verbal 'tones' and build up your poem in dashes of description and image. The end result should be something immediate but 'misty' which gets its effect primarily through visualization.

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