Saturday, December 19, 2015


Dusk came early
To greet a gibbous moon surely

Harsh orange splashes
Daubed the westerned ashes

Setting sun your ribbons of light
Has set the tone for night

Stylized blossoms patterned sheet
A lit firefly blinks there to greet

From an aged tree across the street
A mango fell with a thump

"finished reading?"

"I wasn't reading"
I said, i was waiting

We kissed goodnight
And dimmed the light
DUSK © gillena cox 2015

Written for Outlawyer's Take Two and Sing (We); the Weekend Mini-Challenge
Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

CHALLENGE: Think of a song--preferably a song of the season, a Christmas carol, Hanukah or Winter or truly any other song--and pick two consecutive words out of it. This can be any two words as long as they come one after the another. They do not have to be words particularly central to the song or the season and certainly your poem does not have to relate to the song or the season.
Use those two consecutive words as the spring board for your poem.

I chose 'your ribbons'