Wednesday, November 22, 2023


Detail from Portrait of Marie-Thérèse, Princesse de Lamballe, painted by Anton Hickel, 1788. (Liechtenstein Princely Collections) found at google

 22nd November 2023

Dear Yesterday

Please forgive me. I seem to have slipped into a crevice of time, to hide like an old fossil waiting for centuries to pass, knowing the wisdom of discovery is destined like the morning star.

What can i say i tend to be scatter-brained on those day when i deceide to let go of the ties of routine and become irregular like the fingers of climate change. Stoking fires in rainforests and flooding autumns with winter floes.

What delicious concoctions did the hostess shake up. Was there liquor at the dVerse bar to add to our fruit and vegetable palates. 

Who came in first offering words to excite, enhance, or provoke the evening (or as time zones would have it the morning). Ah, here i am a dated day late, (but really only hours away) time zones again.

Please accept these few sentences, filled with the aplomb of your understanding that late too should be read with the joy in community and responding.

 Your friend in poetry

gillena cox 


prompt for today : Let’s rekindle and revive the dying art of letter writing this Tuesday!


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