Monday, August 30, 2021

Monday WRites 313

Tomorrow August 31st we here in Trinidad and Tobago will celebrate the 59th Anniversary of Our Independence. 

You've heard about the Monday Blues well this is  Monday WRites  (musing on the definition here of rite, as any customary observance for eg the rite of afternoon tea).
Welcome to Monday WRites # 313: A Happy Monday to all. Be Safe.

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Haibun Monday 8-30-21: Back to school

Today, that is,  2021, some will still have to stay at home. Some will will be taxied. Some ride the mini buses. Some will be chauffeured by dad or mom or other such caregivers. All should be Pfizer vaccinated. Back to school in the new normal era.

the call to donate -
bagging notebooks, pens, pencils
back to school drive 

Those staying at home will have to have the uniforms cleaned and fitted(just as if they were entering the school building through the main gate) and, the lap tops and tablets working in tip top shape.

Down memory lane takes me personally to a time when copy books were brown papered. Washecongs were whitened. Socks were paired left/right and ties, yes ties pressed and ready.

that smell of new books -
what house colour will i wear
who will be prefect
 Haibun - Back To School © gillena cox 2021

Back Story
#Washecongs: what we now call sneakers. Back then, they were white and had to be scrubbed clean and a white liquid polish applied.
#At high school, both the boys and as well  the girls wore ties.
#My high school alumni  organised a back to school hamper drive, as an event to assist students who would need help due to pandemic circumstances.

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GOD BLESS OUR NATION: sung by Mavis John