Wednesday, March 2, 2016


A flower was offered to me
Bud stage, i held in my hand
Chrysalis of love's unfolding

Deepening, colour to my cheek
Every petal i counted when furled
Forever is a long span to envisage

Grown to weather, rainy or sunny
Happy was the grasp around that stem
Inviting passion with shy smiles

Just a tiny gesture this giving
Kept in a vase blossom sweet
Love inspires a poets soul

Many syllables describe a rose
Nought for beauty to compare
Only to sheer delight in its sphere

Pruned from a bush of thorns
Qua mystery in here splendid form
Respite of yearning plucked

Stay o reason to the mind
Tether the strength of clouds
Under setting sun's spell

Visioning golden fleeces around
Waning sun to nighttime hues
X targets the space of conquest

Yonder shines the moon so bright
Zany lovers to accept this night
A TO Z ROSEBUD © gillena cox 2016

Written for Sumana's prompt
A flower was offered to me

CHALLENGE: to begin a new poem with the words " A flower was offered to me"