Saturday, August 12, 2017


[Caladiums from my Garden, Enjoy!]

Be inspired by the ambience,
For today, the icons of joy
Lie in ambush with providence,
Waiting to spring upon thee;
Unwary usurper of words
wielding sentences, syllables, phrases
Like peace and hope and faith and tomorrow
All these weapons of uncanny transgressions
Wanting to capsize a world spinning in dilemma
Gratitude and praise stalks the unwary
Look out, love bombs!
AMBIENCE © gillena cox 2017

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imaginary garden with real toads

Weekend Mini-Challenge: Out of Your Own Words
Magalay asks of us to use the line of one of our old poems to start a new poem and link to the old poem
I used from Message To A Poet
verse 3 Line 3 "Be inspired by the ambience"

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Enjoy The Music