Wednesday, January 30, 2019


[Columbus's ships from Bing dot com. Fair use]

I pulled honey from bees to quench your mien.
Yet the wind wails at your cruelty.
Why the mastiff dogs to gorge flesh
Of People of Good, in your lust for gold?
Had you asked i would have just given you
Rivulets and streams of molten splendor.

In the darkness i lit your face by North star.

The sovereigns pulled trust out of vaults
To feed your lies and miscalculations.
You sailed, Master of Oceans, on ego's tide.
Riding wave after wave of human slaughter.
The souls of Tianos, i hold here in Heaven.
No more their blood or tears to complain.

Process Note.

My poem today is inspired by a book I am reading 'COLUMBUS: NOT A CARIB: by SHARLOW' I read about the use of mastiff dogs to punish captives who disobeyed the orders of Columbus, who thought he had sailed to Asia in search of Cipangu were he had read much gold lined the streets and palaces of Kublai Khan. In his book the author refers to the peaceful tianos as 'The people of Good'

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30th January 2017


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