Saturday, May 13, 2017


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It all started at the edge of earth, where man and beasts lived together, each keeping to their own kind, a very long time ago. When one day: in sauntered Dragon, strutting his scales and fire belly.

Then up comes The Steal-er who shouts, looking him up. "Who do you think you are? stalking through my town, proud, dragon-proud" Dragon retorts: looking him down. "Where? are, my treasures, you thief! you scalywag! Where are my gold, my diamonds, my rubies and sapphires? You take my things without a care" "Shut your mouth! You fire-spewing-reptilian-whatever." Shouted The Steal-er.

And so, the fire dragon inhaled, keeping his fire. He stood there, at the edge of the earth just smirking. Earth started getting warmer and warmer and warmer. (He is still standing there, smirking) Today, folks all over the globe, are everyday, talking about global warming.
MAKING MYTHS [4] DRAGON© gillena cox 2017

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