Monday, July 8, 2019

A MEETING WITH A GENIE (A tale, its fiction, not a poem)

A long long time ago, and far far away from home. A girl meets a genie. The genie offers her one wish, only she has to play strip poker with him, and this game has to be played in his bottle. How does a 20th century girl fit into a genie's bottle, you might ask. I have not the answer to riddles nor magic.

Okay so they make a date of it, this strip poker thing, this game, right there in the grey ambiance of a hustling Portobello Road. Then, he vanishes, as any good genie would.

She set about looking to buy herself a pack of playing cards. She knows the suits: diamonds(are a girl's best friend), hearts (oh the red queen of Alice's dream), spades (calling it as it is), clubs (ah yes, those meeting places and fun adults). She buys herself an attractive pack. Poker? poker? all the games she knows are go fish and old maid. Sadly sadly she must up her game plan.

A good distance behind the cell phone era, she calls her girl pal on the telephone. Ring ring.

"Yes i know the place, " answers girl pal. "There is a genie's bottle there?"

"Oh grown up! A crib is a space, is a bottle" she scolds girl pal dryly.

"So do you know how to play poker"

"Hear about the game lots, never played it i could ask my brother "

"O well guess i'll just have to be clumsy, play i wanted to win, and sulk while stripping. Oh and did i tell you? he is a wizard in the kitchen. Pots and pans dance to his every tune"

"Well then bon appetit, and go easy on the wine"

You had to go there didn't you, the easy bit i mean"

"Well ta taa, talk to you soon"
A MEETING WITH A GENIE © gillena cox 2019 (A tale, its fiction, not a poem)

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Written for Poets United
Telling Tales with Magaly Guerrero: a Pantry of Prose, #5 ~ Away from Home

Monday WRites 213

There's always a story worth reading
A tale that someone has told
A story waiting for the sharing
With pictures sometimes in tow
There is for sure a story worth reading
Sitting alone or in company of friend
Always it is worth the listening
As to all present a story is read
Imagine the fun if you were being
The star in that story as it unfolds
Surely there is a story worth reading
WORTH READING © gillena cox 2019

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