Saturday, December 26, 2015


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Sometimes, i feel my wings assembling
They are lain across my back
Large and feathery, diaphanous
My wings assemble
I'm not ready to fly

Icarus, take heed, a faux pas repeated
Insults the Gods
A pantheon, lesser and higher, still
Succumbing to the mighty super nova
I'm not, ready to fly

Ah, yet eagle in her wisdom flies

Radiance shows with visibility
Sometimes teasing mortals, guardians
They draw swords in protection
And cover with their wings
I'm not ready to fly

And what of those whispering ones
Don't they have wings, i often ask myself
Whispering day, whispering night
Half truths and mischievous dares
I'm not, ready to fly
ANGELS © gillena cox 2015

Written for Margaret's prompt
Play it Again, Toads!
...where archived challenges of this Imaginary Garden come to life again, by exploring the sidebar (2011-2015) and selecting one or choose one from three highlighted in the present post.
Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

I chose Fireblossom: "Calling All Angels" highlighted in the present post.