Tuesday, April 3, 2018


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Ballons are such joyous sacs.
Filled with awesome elation.
Even if you turn your backs,
You are steeped in jubilation.

All rise to greet her, new bride.
Bedecked in royal splendor she.
Going to be at her husband's side,
Tis her day, he waits patiently.

And so in this sacred place,
A vow of oneness blessed divine,
With ministers to plead each case,
Feast acclaim of bread and wine.

Now two are one in boundless time.
Symbol of rings spent to honour,
Must one to the other each a prime,
To voyage to journey set in favour.

Whence heaven with her bounteous smile,
Ride overhead, clouds of angels on high.

WEDDING SONNET © gillena cox 2018

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