Friday, December 5, 2014

Mash Up

image from google dot com

After many years of battle conquests
Arthur swings by on his trusted steed
That place renowned, to which many attest
Another sword drats!!!
.........then remain thee a planted seed
For today, for a kiss a maiden awaits
To be! surely she shouldst be so fine
How, Oh how will she swoon, the Lady Cate
For today she shouldst be mine all mine
When my sonnets written i doth surrender
To fan her heart of sweet summer's ardour
--gillena cox

written for the challenge at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads - Fireblossom Friday: Mash-Up
... a well-known character or actual person, put in a situation that no one has ever thought of putting them in before, like Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter!
Imaginary Garden With Real Toads