Wednesday, March 11, 2015


snapdragon image from google dot com

I see you, in the mist of a forest, setting the sun to night chambers,
you radiate like the aura of a bright star on blanket night sky;
you remain nameless, your force of presence makes me squint,
humbling me yet again and again;
Splendid is the rise of your morning pink hues, set against
egrets returning from the roost;
your presence engulfs, enchants, en-wraps
My eyes are closed now
i feel you , i know you, i sense you;
In the outages of snapdragon days on halycon sands from salty winds;
i can only crave your appearance to delight - the moon shine, sun sparks,
and twinkles; wingless messengers the Gods fashion into auroras and halos;
Forever giving, giving, giving hope is it? or delusions may be!
What is your nature, where are your passions, who are your consorts
Fairy god-mothers planning ball events, for cinder gals???
i think you RAYS - ray of hope, ray of sunlight, ray of stars bright
RAYS: kissing gently eyelids closed, enchanting eyes-opened
i'll name you thus just RAYS every eye can sense you.
© gillena cox

Written in response to the prompt at Poetry Jam 'Eyes'