Saturday, April 16, 2016


[empty tomb - image from google dot com]

Days remaining, shadowed in doubtful failing light
Light regarding, shone on past to present line
Line curving, pointed in one dimensional vision
Vision slipping, honed of voices hushed to silence
Silence remaining, spoke of trust to harvest futures
Futures sustaining, carved of words good in hope
Hope retaining, bounded by fists refusing to open
Open cajoling, chanted thus the refrain of "sesame"
Sesame hearing, emptied a cave in morning sunlight
Sunlight blinding, chimed an end - beginning days
AWE OF RUINS © gillena cox 2016

Written for
In The Remains of This Month (April!)
Imaginary Garden With Real Toads
The Challenge by Outlawer: this 16th day of this crazy month of April write something that stems from this word--remains, remaining, remainder-- and I post pictures of sculptures I have taken or pieces that seem to me to be remains of some kind. (Feel free to do an ekphrastic poem and certainly to use your own pictures.)


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