Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday WRites 127

Lunch tastes better if its green i guess,
The way those caterpillars eat and eat,
Their colourful striped bodies do attest,
As they chomp their way to another mien.
Such leaves tastes better if its green i guess.
The Plumeria sends it's come-feast signal,
Or they wouldn't be there as welcome guest.
They would probably eat of rosebush or sage.
They harvest their worth in their fancy dress,
Tomorrow monarch butterfly or maybe a moth.
Surely lunch tastes better if its green i guess.
PLUMERIA STUDY © gillena cox 2017


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The Caterpillars are back again, they certainly resonate Autumn(in colour and transience) Though we in this clime do not experience Autumn nor Winter nor Spring nor Summer. We only experience a Wet Season and a Dry Season
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You've heard about the Monday Blues ❧✿❧ well this is Monday WRites (musing on the definition here of rite, as any customary observance or practice eg the rite of afternoon tea).
Welcome to Monday WRites #127, ❧✿❧ What's your mood like today ❧✿❧ I invite you to link in with one of your WRites

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today's mosiac photos are from my garden - gillena cox 2017


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