Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday WRites 22

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You've heard about the Monday Blues ❧✿❧ well this is Monday WRites ( musing on the definition here of rite, as any customary observance or practice eg the rite of afternoon tea ).
Welcome to Monday WRites #22, ❧✿❧ whats your mood today ❧✿❧ I invite you to link in with one of your WRites

This poem is a cantaloupe
Almost the colour of pumpkin, yet not quite
This poem has a skin rough like stony paths
Only not quite so gravelly
There are sunlight patterns on the wall, on the floor
On the tongue, a taste of delight after morning prayer

Still the news carry stories of heinous crimes
Switch on, switch off, the issues remain
People unkind to one another, greed, hatred, wars

This poem seeks a knife,
To peel off the rough skin, to scoop out the seeds
To slice the juicy, fragrant, delicious flesh
Place it in a bowl, then shout to the world
Come! partake of this! there is enough for everyone
Taste it! this poem, is, a cantaloupe.
© gillena cox 2015



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