Tuesday, January 27, 2015



Someday; and maybe
when the rains pour in torrents,
A river will be sated;
All the colours and hues of ever,
A rainbow curved in splendor,
Of the masquerade; to trample
The stage of The Queen's Park Savannah,
That other-world,
Where the bacchanalia chants,
Rhythms of the consenting soul;
Who will choreographs the tongues of
Ribald and risque?

Only the essential player ethos will;
Miles and miles of road
Untraveled by the traveled
Not a bird on a branch
All feathers been donned, in this costuming process,
This river of rainbow sating wrecked consciousness;
A spell of madness,contained joviality,
Bacchanal season !!!
All ripe with the mode of gyrations.

His pantaloons jingle...jingle ...jingle...
The whip of the jab jab cracks Carnival Monday stage
He's a hopeless one the ‘ole mas’ who drifts from the band
To the giggle of two young girls

Come Tuesday more sun !!! more sun to scorch, already heated,
The masquerade spirit
© gillena cox

2015 February 16th and 17th - Carnival Monday and Tuesday in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad Carnival images from google dot com

Written in response to THE TUESDAY PLATFORM
Imaginary Garden With Real Toads


And linked to the prompt at Poetry Jam Tis the Season